Mike D. Birthday Classic

I had promised Felipe from Acaro, that I would try to make it out to one if his gigs in the near future, so when they were playing a relatively local gig, I knew I had to drop by. I was unfamiliar with the other bands, but there were about six schedule to play that night, so the odds were in our favor for having some decent music. We also had random people dressed as gorillas and evil clowns, so you know you’re in RI when the weirdness level is pumped that high.

I arrived right at the start despite Acaro headlining. While the bands were good, I do realize now that I need to invest in some ear plugs as five solid hours of standing next to a speaker just wasn’t the best of ideas. The first band was a younger group who are off to a good start and should keep at it. They were followed up by Burning the Memory from New York who were very good, and were selling a shirt and CD bundle for $5, so how can you pass that up. Train of Thought also gave a great show and varied the music up a bit.

Mike D Birthday Classic: Burning the Memory Mike D Birthday Classic: The American Madman Mike D Birthday Classic: Train of Thought Mike D Birthday Classic: Infinite Descent Mike D Birthday Classic: Acaro Mike D Birthday Classic: Acaro Mike D Birthday Classic: Acaro
More Photos…

The final three bands seemed to have a larger following. Acerose, a melodic death band, gathered a huge crowd, so I wasn’t able to get as close to the stage as with the other bands. They were a younger group, so the teenage girl ratio tripled or so. I thought the next band was Inifinite Descent, but then a guy jumped on stage. This ended up being Hypersolid, comprised of the core band of Infinite Descent, and a different vocalist. It was a pleasant surprise as he unleashed some great old school style power metal.

Then the vocalists swapped and Inifinite Descent played their set giving us a great set of progressive metal. Then after midnight, Acaro got on stage and closed out the night. Literally, the staff was yelling at people to leave since the place was closing. Acaro had the crowd moving and provided the energy to keep it going.

I managed to get video of Acaro and Infinite Descent, and a fair amount of pictures. There were a ton of other Photographers there, so I tried to give them the right-of-way until the band I went to see was on. The lighting was decent despite one dark corner, but it was even for the most part and worked out well.

~ by dthombs on April 30, 2010.

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