New Wave Cafe

After seeing Sauriel and Smite the Righteous at AccuBilliards, I knew I had to make it back again at some point. They were both playing the same gig, and with Terror Rising on the bill, it was a must-see. The New Wave Cafe was a new venue for me, so there was the usual getting lost while trying to find it. I of course didn’t print directions, since I was somewhat sure where it was, but of course I ended up driving aimlessly around New Bedford.

New Wave Cafe: Necronomichrist New Wave Cafe: Necronomichrist New Wave Cafe: Sauriel New Wave Cafe: Sauriel New Wave Cafe: Terror Rising New Wave Cafe: Smite the Righteous New Wave Cafe: Smite the Righteous
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The first band to go on was Necronomichrist. I hadn’t heard them before, but they provided an excellent high energy performance both on and off the stage. Their combination of insane drums and keyboards made for an awesome set. On top of it, they were humble and cool guys to talk to after.

Sauriel went up next. I had been chatting with the drummer and was preparing to record their new song: Astral Crown. Actually most of the bands were debuting new songs tonight, so I aimed to capture those. Despite just forming, Sauriel is a solid blackend death metal band, and keeps getting better as they add new material.

Terror Rising jumped up next and shook the place up with their high energy hardcore. Bob’s constant jumping gives me a challenge for photographing, but the performance is entertaining as always. Finally Smite the Righteous took us the rest of the way home, also debuting some new material. STR is a tight band, and executes flawless performances, so they are sure to not disappoint.

The New Wave Cafe has some tricky lighting. While not as bad as O’Briens, it suffers from the spotlights which provide too much light at times, and practically none elsewhere. I was able to find some settings that let me make the most of it in the end. Thanks goes out the bands who shows endless hospitality. To Bob for the shoutout during his set for my work, to Allan for encouraging me to make this gig, and to Jon and Kilgore who met me in the parking lot and ushered me in. It’s much appreciated.

~ by dthombs on May 21, 2010.

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