Hardcore Metalfest 2010

The Hardcore Metalfest is the brainchild of Craig Fleming of Terror Rising. I can only imagine the work that went into booking all these bands, but he was able to pull off a two day concert consisting of almost twenty bands.

Unfortunately I was only able to make it one of the two days, but the day I did attend was packed with great local bands. First up was 713, a straightforward and good hardcore band. They were followed by The Judo Heirs, who were fronted by Iron Oak’s Kevin Grant. While he wasn’t singing on chairs stacked on tables, the energy was still there.

Hardcore Metalfest 2010: Of Solace and Sorrow Hardcore Metalfest 2010: The Air I Breathe Hardcore Metalfest 2010: For Tha Glory Hardcore Metalfest 2010: Children of the Dying Sun Hardcore Metalfest 2010: She Rides Hardcode Metalfest 2010: Give Up Hope Hardcode Metalfest 2010: And All Was Silent

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Next up was Of Solace and Sorrow, a more death metal oriented band. They impressed me quite a bit and really amped up the brutality of the event. The Air I Breathe was next. They were from New Jersey and made this event one of their tour stops. At first they appeared to be a Hot Topic-esque metalcore band, but they put on a good show. They hooked up triggered flood lights, and were able to pull together an entertaining set. They certainly knew how to tie everything together despite being on the younger side.

For tha Glory was next and got everyone on the floor. It was apparent that they had a good following, and everyone joined in, sometimes pig piling onto whomever was holding the mic at that point. Children of the Dying Sun went on after, and despite Joe not being able to make it, they put forth a great show and also had Bob Mendell from Terror Rising join in. Terror Rising took the next spot as well and kept the hardcore vibes going.

I took a break at this point for a bite to eat and came back to She Rides. They are a more rock oriented band and most people had filtered out by that point, which was a shame since they were very good. The band put out a great effort despite this, and kept on going. The final two bands were Give Up Hope, and And All Was Silent, both pure hardcore bands that went back to back, and kept everyone flailing around and diving onto the microphone. The floor was insane as the entire audience was joining in and getting into the action. Despite the insanity, everyone was very cool and got along great. It’s nice to see the scene coming together in this way. There’s talk of another next year, so I’m looking forward to that one.

~ by dthombs on May 29, 2010.

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