The Temple

The Temple is a new spot just outside of Boston where recording studio meets live performances. I headed up to see Untombed as well as Abnormality after missing them a few weeks back. After finally finding the place (it’s not marked in any way, but it’s one street over from Midway), I entered a very impressive and clean studio complete with a professional stage, lighting, and enclosed rooms for recording the events.

Temple of Metal: Untombed Temple of Metal: Untombed Temple of Metal: Soul Remnants Temple of Metal: Soul Remnants Temple of Metal: Scalpel Temple of Metal: Scalpel Temple of Metal: Abnormality

More Photos…

First up was Untombed giving us a solid brutal performance as always. As with any opening act, the crowd wasn’t too crazy yet, so I was able to get in some better positions for pictures.

Next up was Soul Remnants. I hadn’t heard them before, but I was very impressed. The band members were extremely nice as well.

After that was Scalpel, another band I hadn’t heard yet. Again, I was very impressed, and moreso to find out that it was the vocalist’s first show with the band. Midway through the set, the drummer performed an amazing high-speed solo, which I wished I could have recorded. Perhaps next time.

The final act was Abnormality. I had been attempting to see Josh Staples’ band for a while and finally got the chance. By this point, the crowds were getting more and more intense, so keeping the camera out of harm’s way gradually became more of a challenge.

Overall, a great night. The lighting was interesting, as it was primarily red/pink, but provided enough to get some decent shots. I’m not sure an entire night of pink pictures works the best as a set, but individually I think they came out okay.

~ by dthombs on June 26, 2010.

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