This page is meant to be a collection of the various photos and video taken during my experiences at concerts throughout New England. What started as an attempt to get the most out of my point and shoot camera, slowly turned into video compilations and then at a Composted show, fully edited songs.

I try to simulate a live music video with the various angles and detail shots yet still work with a limited set of tools. I work with a single video enabled DSLR camera and a set of lenses to suite the needs of the venue. Since the video is captured on a standard SLR camera, I also use this to take still shots of the sets.

Each update should have at least one video compilation from the bands playing that night and a collection of photos. A link to the entire gallery should be below that. If it’s my first time seeing a band, I usually just record the show in a single shot most often with a wide angle lens. One a second pass I will take more time and get better angles, and then backfill the gaps and pans with additional clips.

If you’re a band that I’ve recorded and want a copy of the pictures or video, I can provide that free of charge. Due to my schedule, I can’t currently take requests for shows, but I will always consider suggestions and then do my best.

The best way to contact me is via Facebook or through my Youtube account.

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